Allow us to assist you in taking the vacation of your dreams.

My husband and I love to travel. Kevin was in the Airforce and traveled around the world during his service. Of course that kind of travel is so different that travel for luxury

My (Loretta) love of travel was brought about by my hopes and dreams and a very vivid imagination as a young girl from watching television with my mother. 

As adults, we focused on family and children first and now travel. If only we could travel as much as we plan and dream. This is where you come in... I (Loretta) am always on the hunt for great deals, but of course, time does not always permit. One thing that my mother instilled in me along with my appreciation for all things beautiful is my desire to help others.

Now that my mother is gone, that burning desire to help others is even more fierce. I guess she left a little of her desire behind with me.  So...as they say... HELP me HELP you.

Go ahead and poke around, find what you need and then contact us.

Talk to you soon. - Kevin & Loretta B. Vacations